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Fiscal Cliff Tax Agreement
Payroll tax increase affecting all taxpayers as employee contributions to Social Security rise...

Top Twelve Tax Saving Ideas for 2012
Read twelve ideas that can help you save money on your 2012 taxes.

Historic Tax Increases Approach
Are you prepared for the "What If" Scenarios? Will the Bush Tax cuts be extended or amended? Will Obama's health care plan be repealed or amended?

2012 Income Tax Organizer
Get organized for your 2012 income taxes with this helpful form.

We Still Believe in Free Enterprise... PART III
Many Americans have become weary of continuous bad economic and financial news – high unemployment, low GDP growth, trillion $ Federal deficits and debt, sluggish real estate sales, restrictive banking and a roller coaster stock market. The forecast for 2012 is not any rosier.

IRS Mileage Rate Allowances for 2011
The IRS said the optional standard rate for business use of a car is 50.0 cents a mile for 2010

We Still Believe in Free Enterprise... PART II
The government bureaucracy has become more intrusive and bloated each day. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs are sitting on their hands (and wallets) waiting to see what happens next.

We Still Believe in Free Enterprise... Not Government Solutions
President Obama appears to be rushing his agenda with defecit spending already up almost $2 trillion for fiscal year 2010 and climbing. The $780 billon government stimulus package has not slowed unemployment, which is now above 9%. More spending and regulation is being proposed.

Time to Change Your Strategy - Financial and Tax Ideas to Believe In
If you own a small business or professional firm and your combined income exceeds $250k, you are a target for tax increases. Although it is always wise to annually update your tax and financial strategies, this year it's even more important with all the changes taking place.

Post Election Strategy 2008: Minimize Your Taxes
Develop an action plan for tax changes and potential changes.

Obama Financial & Tax Watch List
Watch for these 12 federal changes when Obama is in office.

Are you a "real estate professional" for tax purposes?
Find out if losses from your real estate activities are fully deductible.

Contribution Limits for Salary Deferral Plans

New Contributions Limits for IRAs

Obama Stimulus Bill Includes Some Tax Breaks, 2009
President Obama’s $787 billion Economic Stimulus Bill was passed by Congress on February 13, 2009. Although heavily weighted toward government spending, it does include some “targeted tax incentives” which could save some Americans significant tax money and many Americans a little tax money.

Obama Stimulus Plan Passes on Friday the 13th. Will it Work? (2009)
Congress has passed President Obama’s Economic Stimulus Bill with much fanfare and joy from the political left and much fear and loathing from the political right… the political center is still undecided and just hoping for the best. The $787 billion bill is heavily weighted toward government spending with minimal tax incentives/rebate...

Tax Planning Retreat
This fall your business retreat to your favorite leisure connection "weekend get away" should include a strategy session to analyze and implement ideas to help minimize business and individual taxes.

Tax Relief Cost?
Ever notice how tax cuts are often described as a government "cost" instead of a "potential" decrease in revenue?

How To Deduct Your Lifestyle I
Leisure vs. Business

How To Deduct Your Lifestyle II
Meals & Entertainment

How To Deduct Your Lifestyle III
Business Travel & Leisure

Estate Tax Rates 2002 - 2010

Bush Tax Cuts Should Be Permanent
Learn what was in the 2003 Tax Act and if you benefited.

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